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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nuisance named Nahlah

This Spring my Mistress, Maudie, made it Holy Hell living in our house! Maudie brought a kitten home to live with us. It is a purely disgusting black female kitten. I am contemplating the consequences as I write.

It has been a month now that I have had to put up with this annoyance. At first Maudie told me the kitten was Malcolm and Desmond's ( Her grandsons's kitten, and I love all of Maudie's grandkids, so I ignored the situation).  Maudie explained  to me that  the Barry family was away for a week end and she had offered to babysit their new young kitten.

 I slept that week end, praying that it would soon be over.

They left the kitten here for over  a week before they came to take her back. ( The insolence of  young people, today!)  My growling and hissing did not seem to offer any clue to Mistress that this nuisance was not to be tolerated.  Nahlah, so they call her, tested my patience within a hair's breadth of killing her. Fortunately, Maudie put her in the extra bedroom at night for 12 hours. This 12 hours diminished to 7 hours within a few days. The kitten realized that her meowing opened the door (as early in the morning as 4:00 a.m.).

What a relief  I felt that day she went home. We all slept that night. I was  even too tired to Blog, and had dreams of enjoying my world again. It was just a dream though...

May 23d was the Saturday that Maudie brought Nahlah back here for good. I was mortified.This small black 12 week old terror was here to stay. The Barry's told Maudie that they could not sleep in the mornings with the kitten meowing and waking first Malcolm and then all of them up every morning. Zaina said she was going to give the kitten away. Maudie just couldn't bare the thought of losing what she now thought of as her "grand kitten".

There was no pleading with Maudie. Once she set her heart on something, that was it! She decided to adopt her illegitimate grand kitten.

Nahlah, thank Gawwd! has her own room. Throughout the last days of May and the whole month of June I practiced Yoga and Meditated.  I think I may have to stay in  my Zen Zone forever, now that this small Kamikaze fur ball lives in our house. The kitten possibly thinks that I am her pet, as she comes barreling toward me every waking hour from new angles; teasing me even as I sleep. She is too fast for this pussy cat; I give up!

 Spring turned into summer a few days ago, so I am practicing hiding out in some of my secret places in the garden. The torrid heat of summer diminishes in the shade under the brambles during the day. Maudie finds that  her grand kitten , which she now calls "Baby" likes to stick close to her, so this gives me some relief, if I hide until evening when we are fed, and Nahlah is put to bed in her room.

With some regret, I am learning to enjoy my time in the garden without Maudie's company  ( or Nahlah's). Mrs. Celeste Squirrel chats with me often when she has her babies down for their naps. There is a fascinating new cloud of orange butterflies weaving spiral flight paths above the brambles in enticingly close sweeps. The racoons  saunter  by for a chat each day too, now that the eagles have left; so I always receive news of the neighborhood from one of them. The sad thing is that Maudie doesn't seem to miss me during the day as she is so busy keeping the kitten out of trouble.

However, there is always my breakfast and dinner served on time, and Maudie never fails to call me when The Nuisance is put to bed. That is when it is cooler anyway, and I love my cuddles and hugs best in the evenings.
I must say though, that I have had many chuckles when I see The Little Nuisance take a running dive for a leather stool and slide right off the other side, or take a flying leap straight into the open toilet thinking that the lid was down.  At least life is not dull here at my house with  Maudie and her interests.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Steeping in the Garden

A precocious and well read Cat am I, and Mistress's favorite in all the world, I have decided to blog when I am feeling nostalgic to fill in those wee hours when it is difficult to stay asleep. After all, I am nocturnal but living with Maudie; I do tend to have my days turned in to days.

You are invited to share some of my random thoughts here, and get a glimpse of my world , if you will.

It is January again, and a new year!  Same old garden filled with leaves waiting to sprout with Jonquils and Tulips. Certainly not Butchart Gardens by any means! My Mistress is already outside clipping mint and chives for tea time.She has busied herself planting extra seeds inside in her plant pots and watering the bulbs outside on the balcony. We are awaiting our neighbor, Mrs. Brown's arrival. She is coming by for tea.. I can see that Mistress is as eager as I am to be outside more; to see the butterflies come back to our garden, and to have our parties out here.

 The squirrels are busily chattering and playing tag along the fir branches above and beside us.
For a moment, I think I  listen in to their conversation...Oh!  The Mother Squirrel,Mrs. Celeste Squirrel, is a friend of mine; and she is going to have another baby soon. Kiggy and Dickie, her children, are being naughty by being very noisy as they play tag  between the firs while Celeste is trying to nap. When she stuck her head out of the Knot Hole in her door Celeste sounded like she was quite upset. Kiggie did not seem to mind or even notice her scolding but Dickie skipped a little farther away across our garden, to take their noisy giggles a bit farther from  her doorway.

It seems like their energy never ends!  Across the branches and up and down the trees the young squirrels scamper with such abandon in the sunshine that I often wonder how they manage to jump from tree to tree with such accuracy overhead. Practice makes perfect; I would say.

We have the bevy of crows visiting for a few moments; thank goodness not for long though! They love to visit and share news with their cousins across the meadow. Perhaps, our Crows are discussing the new tenant in Our Square Mile; a young and precocious Eagle circling high overhead. This fellow is also very accurate, I have noticed. I have watched him as my Mistress and I have surveyed his fight and landing patterns for months from our window. He is not  one of my favorite neighbors. Celeste is worried about him also.

Celeste and I often conversed about the Eagle's Father, who scours the Oak Bay district just below our meadow. We recently invited the Raccoon family  to our meetings. Last Autumn when Celeste mentioned how the Eagle fledgling had been sighted in our meadow we all agreed upon an action plan. Later this afternoon Celeste and our Crows and Raccoons and I  are convening to put OUR plan into action and to upset this fledgling's plans to become a permanent resident in our Meadow. They seemed excited. I hope they come back with good news after tea. Celeste seems tired or distracted today.When she does get  about, she is totally occupied with the nursery for her new baby. Little Kiggie and Dickie tend to venture across the fence and out of sight, more and more without her constant surveillance. Time is of the essence!

Now here comes Mistress with her gardening gloves and spade, and I must attend the greenhouse with her before Tea time. Then, if our neighbor is late, I  will warm this spot on the fence until I greet our neighbor at the gate. Old Mrs. Brown will be piking along soon looking for me as she whistles up the lane. Perhaps she will bring me an egg for tea. On these cool winter afternoons a little egg is always nice at Tea Time. Old Mrs. Brown likes her eggs with Mistress's fresh scones and chives.

Mrs. Brown will have lots of news to share as we go inside for Tea. She may already have news of the fledgling's removal.

As I  ponder Our Raccoon's courage, their schedule today, and our neighborhood  plan; I feel my body begin to relax. It is a wonderful feeling to have good neighbors.  I think that being part of a community and being able to contribute feels satisfying.  Something inside my body responds and says, "Yes; this is how I ought to feel". Then I begin to purr as I watch Mistress finish up her chores in our gardenqw.

Same old garden filled with leaves in winter seems to remind me of the tea leaves that will soon be steeping in Mistress's Tea Pot. The very thought of sharing the winter with Mistress, over many Tea Times with friends, is warming my heart !

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Content With The Ordinary Life

Snow is funny stuff! Last week I experienced the glorious elation that it brings. I climbed up onto the window sill and watched the heavenly crystals softly landing upon the pane in exquisite form; like starlight. Each one seemed to twinkle a special tune from it's own heart and vibrate like music in my imagination. Maudie and I shared the delightful melody as we looked from one to another in profound awe as they wafted down. The roof tops, the tree boughs, the driveway and garden and  fence posts all seemed to join together under the blanket of thick white snow.

Snow did not discriminate between the tall or the short; it covered all of the landscape below our window, until it was easy to "not-know" the differences between the rockery, the shrubs, the lawn or the pond.  Our view seemed to radiantly change and blend together the entire landscape under the dimpled clouds.  The vision made it seem like a fantasy land. The signs and guide posts were covered as were the street posts, addresses and numbers on the license plates and gate. Maudie and I seemed to feel mesmerized as we gazed out together, losing track of time each afternoon. We shared that sense of peace that seemingly encompassed our world. It all reminded me of how the ancient Masters did not try to educate the people; but kindly taught them to "not-know".

We looked forward more than ever to tea time last week while it snowed. Maudie would start her ablutions earlier than usual on each of the five snow filled days. I would hear her arise and rush to her bedroom window, from my soft nest of wool blankets under Maudie's bed. It interested me how she would arrange our day so that we could spend more time at home together, and extend our hours at tea time so as to have more enjoyment quietly gazing out at our newly painted scene. It was not the usual hectic rrush to gather Maudie's tools and go out to forage all day long,. We needn't anything to gather or to forage. It was as if everything was perfect just the way it was; yet there was an adventure happening and so much wonder all about. When one thinks that they know all the answers, they tend to be difficult to guide.  When one knows, they do not know, one can find their own way.

Each of those five snowy days we awoke to new wonder. Each morning seemed like it filled us with refreshing insight and soft new territory and a new perspective on life. Maudie would open the drapes as wide as they would open and we would  gaze upon the wonderland and spend the days entranced in revelation. We busied ourselves in the mornings so that we could meditate in the afternoons.We made many extra trips in the crisp deep snow to fill the bird feeders.  We watched as the iridescent hummingbirds came zipping across from their pine tree to sip the warm syrup from above the electric heating blanket Maudie connected beneath  their dish.

I would spend almost an hour coaxing Maudie to go out with me into the lane and garden. She always coalesces to my whims. All I had to do was walk in circles around the front door for a time, making sure that Maudie was in  plain sight. She is mindful of my moods.. I did not mind as much as usual when Maudie dressed me in doll clothes and booties before we went outside. It felt pretentious and stifling to wear clothes but I looked forward so; to going outside that I instantly forgave Maudie and leaped into her footprints as we surveyed the garden, and filled each feeder. Maudie kept calling me and telling me just where to step. Sometimes, she likes to think that she governs my every move. If one wants to learn how to govern, one must avoid being clever or rich. The simplest pattern is the clearest.

We would come inside in time for tea. As Maudie put on the kettle, I would watch the puddles form on the landing around our boots, catching the drips as they melted down the sides.  I love warm milk and Maudie loves her tea, we always  spend tea time together. Maudie serves as "Mother" even when we have guests for tea, but last week, with the snow, we spent the entire five days alone in the company of "non- desire" unlearning all the things we thought we ever knew.

We were simply reminded of who we have ALWAYS been. We feel most content with our ordinary life.

The snow is funny stuff. It showed us the way back to our true nature.  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Open Mind

It has been said that a good scientist  frees himself of concepts and keeps his mind open. Even though Christmas is only three days away, I am keeping my mind open. This year Maudie is prepared well in advance for the big dinner ahead and all the company. I hear her pouring the ingredients into the stuffing and marinating them so that she can just take them out of the fridge on Christmas morning and pop them into the bird.  The BIRD... Mmmmmm...

Maudie is like an artist with her cooking; she lets her intuition lead her wherever it wants.
There are many secrets to the enjoying of Christmas. One of my secrets is remembering the scents of the season. Maudie and I go outside each year to collect pine cones so that she can decorate, sometimes she sprays them silver and gold colors. I go with her to inspect the Yuletide scents and reminisce. The chill weather at Christmas agrees with me, and the frosty moss feels so refreshing on my paws. While Maudie collects cedar boughs and pine cones and sprigs, I perch myself on the fence and watch the squirrels jumping excitedly across the boughs above, they know it is Christmas too. Today, as I watched the young squirrels playing tag and squealing  and chattering about the generosity of  people at Yuletide,  I laughed to myself about how loveable they seemed. (Other times, they can be down right annoying!). I agree though; that there is something in the air at this time of year that makes us feel more generous. People lean over the fence to greet us and are especially pleasant this time of year.We seem to think kinder thoughts of others. Old Mister McLean even threw some treats up on the fence for me to eat, as he stopped to chat with Maudie. He mentioned how much he enjoyed her Trifle last year at Christmas. I know he will be expecting another invitation to dinner.
The smoke from the neighbors chimney reminds me of other Christmases along this street, reminds me of other  friends and people that wandered along and said hello and brought treats to share, or  just seemed more available to us at this wonderful time of year; years gone by. They say that a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving; but this is NOT the case with Old Mister McLean. He has an intention.

Maudie and Monsieur always try to make themselves available to the neighbors and do not reject anyone. This is the special time of year when so many can find themselves alone; like Mister McLean. That is probably why he did not bring his Pug with him this morning when he came over to the fence to chat. It is not that I do not like his Pug, like I mentioned; I am keeping my mind open. It is just that that dog STINKS!  (Just thinking about Christmas dinner with that Pug on our doorstep disgusts me.) The very thought of that Pug somehow has an effect on my salivary glands. I cannot even recall the delicious aroma of the turkey  when I think of the neighbor's dog racing around our house and panting on our doorstep during dinner.  I wish I could be more generous. I do not wish to reject him, after all; he is only a puppy! I want to use this situation and not waste it. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution.

Meanwhile, as a gift to myself,  I will experiment with the concept of rising above these strong emotions, try to be more rational, and work on developing a better; more open and relaxed attitude during this wonderful season. After all, as Maudie always says; "What is a good man but a bad man's teacher? What is a bad man but a good man's job?" If I cannot wrap my mind around this concept, then I will be lost, however intelligent I am. 

 I know that Maudie will be proud of me, if I can just rise above this tangle of emotions, that seems to be set off by that Pug.  I will work on it. I love Maudie and want to improve and keep an open mind. It will be interesting to see if she notices the difference in me as I improve.  I do not think that it is a secret that I enjoy her approval! 

I am however, taking my own challenge mostly for myself. I want to be ready for all situations and do not want to waste anything; especially this opportunity. It is my great secret; like embodying the light.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Stepping Out of the Way At Yuletide

Why should the Lady of the house flit all over at this hectic time of year? Is fame or integrity more important? This is my conundrum today. It seems that every Yuletide Season the whole family has to be in such a rush planning get-togethers and meals and outings, in and out they go; chasing their tails!

Perhaps I am being too judgemental; I do that sometimes.

Although, I don't hold a degree in psychiatry, anyone can see that all this craziness is not peaceful- and I keep hearing them all wishing one another Peace and Happiness and a Joyous Noel, etc., etc.; and on and on...

I wish that Maudie could just take some advice from me once in a while; from my example. For instance; I am content with what I have. I rejoice in the plain old way things are, for I realize there is nothing lacking. Why... the whole world belongs to me. The very stars in the sky twinkle for me and the sun and the moon rise for me. Some people say that us cats are manipulative. I like to think of my manner as "allowing things to happen".

Take this mornig for instance, when Monsieur arose and came first into the kitchen; I was there.
As he made his coffee and cut their oranges; I was there.
As Monsieur opened the fridge and reached for his cream; I was there.

I like to think that I shape events as they come.

If my soft tail fur happened to brush Monsieur's leg hairs just before he poured his cream into the coffee cup, (even ever so softly; almost like a scultor with his clay putting the finishing loving touches upon his art;) I was there shaping events. Monsieur may detest animals in his kitchen but he has a heart. He more often follows his emotions when we are alone. And he did!

Then, of course, when Maudie arose and wandered into the kitchen to pour her cream into the bowl; I was there.As Monsieur likes his silence and peace in the morning, I was not going to protest if Maudie decided to pour me a bowl of cream as I passed by her leg.

Then, later, as Monsieur sat beside the "Temptations" and wrinkled his crackly newspaper; I was there. I taught Monsieur long ago that whenever he crunches the Temptations bag, I would come by so he could feed me, and get it over with before he forgot. Therefore, whenever Monsieur crunches any paper or bag when I am near, he automatically remembers that he should give me a Temptation. It is called "Subliminal Suggestion" and humans are very good at it. Even when they usually would rather protest! I admire Monsieur for learning this so quickly (even faster than Maudie!). So, this morning Monsieur automatically gave me my buscuits as Maudie was bathing.

Later as Maudie prepared breakfast for Monsieur, and crunched the cereal bag; I was you can see how the events shape themselves. I am definately NOT manipulative.

When one simply steps out of the way and lets the event shape itself the true perfection seems imperfect, yet it is perfectly itself. True fullness seems empty, yet it is fully present. True straightness seems crooked. True art seems artless.

Gratitude is a precious thing. Today seems perfect, and I am truly present. Today is starting to shape itself into a very peaceful day. I am thankful and at peace. Let's hope that Maudie can find some peace in it, and let things happen. There is nothing better than to have a comfortable day with Maudie when she is not straining and stretching things all out of proportion and rushing frantically all over, flitting here and there. Remember the saying; "She who stands on tiptoe does not stand firm".

It is paramount to be the center of oneself, to be content; realizing there is nothing lacking. When one takes good care of oneself; one can be that "center" for others when all about them others are "losing it", and blaming it on you.

I think Maudie will agree; there is nothing better than taking a step out of the way at Yuletide, and being truly present!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yuletide Rush

Eventually, tea time finds me longing for a little moment to ourselves, Maudie has been fluttering around all morning; fetching, sewing wrapping and singing. I inevitably find myself fagged out. So, today, I picked a sunny spot to settle down, ( I was going to read one of her animal books). I enjoy reading and pondering while my Mistress putters nearby.  Today, Maudie decided to putter elsewhere in the sewing room after I settled, so I sulked a bit before resettling on the sill !

Maudie loves to chat and describe all the intricate details of her day, as if I did not already know. I don't think there is a thought she can think without me already knowing. I have been here for years and follow her every move! She calls me all kinds of names, and I love her for it; but sometimes I suspect that she is losing it!!

When we first met she called me Faydra, and her daughter made a face when she heard it, so officially she named me Pushkins and wrote it on the medical information sheet at the doctor's office. Mostly, though; she calls me Sweetie or Beautiful or Lovie, or Monkey. Today as she was in such a rush to wrap gifts for the grandchildren, she called me Pumpkin; so I was surprised when she pulled me off the sill, called me over to her desk and gave me an early present...

The Yuletide rush is my favorite time of year because often I find tads of fascinating paper or ribbon or squashed up balls of fabric to play with and no-one seems to mind. Today, Maudie put a special big orange box in the corner beside her desk just for me and gently placed me inside of it with some woodsy smelling paper to hide under. What a thoughtful gift! I am in my element!

Maudie finally settled down at the table to have her tea and I am going to purr and purr for her. She loves it when I do. This is my gift to Maudie; my constant affection and support, and I never rush my purring. The whole world can be rolling around the heavens, and the stars in the very sky can twinkle with all of their distracting lights, but because I love Maudie so, I just purr for her with my deepest affections at my constant low decibel with fervor and consistency; and inside I feel as happy as a clam.

When she finally takes that moment to stroke my nose; I forgive Maudie for everything, (even for putting that pink leash around my neck when we went out, forgetting my name, and pulling me off my sunny window sill). Once she reaches down and gives me that gentle pat just to say she loves me, I can forgive anything. Maudie trusts me to do this. Trust and forgiveness are our reward for being best friends and always being here for each other.

There is no better feeling than sitting together at tea time; just Maudie and Me.