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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Open Mind

It has been said that a good scientist  frees himself of concepts and keeps his mind open. Even though Christmas is only three days away, I am keeping my mind open. This year Maudie is prepared well in advance for the big dinner ahead and all the company. I hear her pouring the ingredients into the stuffing and marinating them so that she can just take them out of the fridge on Christmas morning and pop them into the bird.  The BIRD... Mmmmmm...

Maudie is like an artist with her cooking; she lets her intuition lead her wherever it wants.
There are many secrets to the enjoying of Christmas. One of my secrets is remembering the scents of the season. Maudie and I go outside each year to collect pine cones so that she can decorate, sometimes she sprays them silver and gold colors. I go with her to inspect the Yuletide scents and reminisce. The chill weather at Christmas agrees with me, and the frosty moss feels so refreshing on my paws. While Maudie collects cedar boughs and pine cones and sprigs, I perch myself on the fence and watch the squirrels jumping excitedly across the boughs above, they know it is Christmas too. Today, as I watched the young squirrels playing tag and squealing  and chattering about the generosity of  people at Yuletide,  I laughed to myself about how loveable they seemed. (Other times, they can be down right annoying!). I agree though; that there is something in the air at this time of year that makes us feel more generous. People lean over the fence to greet us and are especially pleasant this time of year.We seem to think kinder thoughts of others. Old Mister McLean even threw some treats up on the fence for me to eat, as he stopped to chat with Maudie. He mentioned how much he enjoyed her Trifle last year at Christmas. I know he will be expecting another invitation to dinner.
The smoke from the neighbors chimney reminds me of other Christmases along this street, reminds me of other  friends and people that wandered along and said hello and brought treats to share, or  just seemed more available to us at this wonderful time of year; years gone by. They say that a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving; but this is NOT the case with Old Mister McLean. He has an intention.

Maudie and Monsieur always try to make themselves available to the neighbors and do not reject anyone. This is the special time of year when so many can find themselves alone; like Mister McLean. That is probably why he did not bring his Pug with him this morning when he came over to the fence to chat. It is not that I do not like his Pug, like I mentioned; I am keeping my mind open. It is just that that dog STINKS!  (Just thinking about Christmas dinner with that Pug on our doorstep disgusts me.) The very thought of that Pug somehow has an effect on my salivary glands. I cannot even recall the delicious aroma of the turkey  when I think of the neighbor's dog racing around our house and panting on our doorstep during dinner.  I wish I could be more generous. I do not wish to reject him, after all; he is only a puppy! I want to use this situation and not waste it. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution.

Meanwhile, as a gift to myself,  I will experiment with the concept of rising above these strong emotions, try to be more rational, and work on developing a better; more open and relaxed attitude during this wonderful season. After all, as Maudie always says; "What is a good man but a bad man's teacher? What is a bad man but a good man's job?" If I cannot wrap my mind around this concept, then I will be lost, however intelligent I am. 

 I know that Maudie will be proud of me, if I can just rise above this tangle of emotions, that seems to be set off by that Pug.  I will work on it. I love Maudie and want to improve and keep an open mind. It will be interesting to see if she notices the difference in me as I improve.  I do not think that it is a secret that I enjoy her approval! 

I am however, taking my own challenge mostly for myself. I want to be ready for all situations and do not want to waste anything; especially this opportunity. It is my great secret; like embodying the light.

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  1. Sandra...once again...beautiful...and such a good message...