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Monday, December 19, 2011

Stepping Out of the Way At Yuletide

Why should the Lady of the house flit all over at this hectic time of year? Is fame or integrity more important? This is my conundrum today. It seems that every Yuletide Season the whole family has to be in such a rush planning get-togethers and meals and outings, in and out they go; chasing their tails!

Perhaps I am being too judgemental; I do that sometimes.

Although, I don't hold a degree in psychiatry, anyone can see that all this craziness is not peaceful- and I keep hearing them all wishing one another Peace and Happiness and a Joyous Noel, etc., etc.; and on and on...

I wish that Maudie could just take some advice from me once in a while; from my example. For instance; I am content with what I have. I rejoice in the plain old way things are, for I realize there is nothing lacking. Why... the whole world belongs to me. The very stars in the sky twinkle for me and the sun and the moon rise for me. Some people say that us cats are manipulative. I like to think of my manner as "allowing things to happen".

Take this mornig for instance, when Monsieur arose and came first into the kitchen; I was there.
As he made his coffee and cut their oranges; I was there.
As Monsieur opened the fridge and reached for his cream; I was there.

I like to think that I shape events as they come.

If my soft tail fur happened to brush Monsieur's leg hairs just before he poured his cream into the coffee cup, (even ever so softly; almost like a scultor with his clay putting the finishing loving touches upon his art;) I was there shaping events. Monsieur may detest animals in his kitchen but he has a heart. He more often follows his emotions when we are alone. And he did!

Then, of course, when Maudie arose and wandered into the kitchen to pour her cream into the bowl; I was there.As Monsieur likes his silence and peace in the morning, I was not going to protest if Maudie decided to pour me a bowl of cream as I passed by her leg.

Then, later, as Monsieur sat beside the "Temptations" and wrinkled his crackly newspaper; I was there. I taught Monsieur long ago that whenever he crunches the Temptations bag, I would come by so he could feed me, and get it over with before he forgot. Therefore, whenever Monsieur crunches any paper or bag when I am near, he automatically remembers that he should give me a Temptation. It is called "Subliminal Suggestion" and humans are very good at it. Even when they usually would rather protest! I admire Monsieur for learning this so quickly (even faster than Maudie!). So, this morning Monsieur automatically gave me my buscuits as Maudie was bathing.

Later as Maudie prepared breakfast for Monsieur, and crunched the cereal bag; I was you can see how the events shape themselves. I am definately NOT manipulative.

When one simply steps out of the way and lets the event shape itself the true perfection seems imperfect, yet it is perfectly itself. True fullness seems empty, yet it is fully present. True straightness seems crooked. True art seems artless.

Gratitude is a precious thing. Today seems perfect, and I am truly present. Today is starting to shape itself into a very peaceful day. I am thankful and at peace. Let's hope that Maudie can find some peace in it, and let things happen. There is nothing better than to have a comfortable day with Maudie when she is not straining and stretching things all out of proportion and rushing frantically all over, flitting here and there. Remember the saying; "She who stands on tiptoe does not stand firm".

It is paramount to be the center of oneself, to be content; realizing there is nothing lacking. When one takes good care of oneself; one can be that "center" for others when all about them others are "losing it", and blaming it on you.

I think Maudie will agree; there is nothing better than taking a step out of the way at Yuletide, and being truly present!


  1. Sandra...this is beautiful...and such a mighty lesson...given so softly...

    1. Jane,
      Here's hoping February finds you off to a great start for 2012!

      Pushkins is going for another hair-style ( Poodle Cut) as things seem so electric this time of year with the odd climate this winter, everything is tangling up, soon to be remedied though with the new cut! lol!

      I am sure that Pushkins will have lots to say about that! lol!

      Thanks for following!

  2. Just what I needed this morning... a gentle brush of the tail to remind me to step out of the way and just be present... Thank you!

    1. Jenn, Hope February is finding you happy in this new year 2012, and present! -Sandra

  3. What a beautiful reminder of what is important and how we look at things. Thank you!

    1. Edie, Just remembering your kind remarks and wishing you a wonderful 2012!