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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yuletide Rush

Eventually, tea time finds me longing for a little moment to ourselves, Maudie has been fluttering around all morning; fetching, sewing wrapping and singing. I inevitably find myself fagged out. So, today, I picked a sunny spot to settle down, ( I was going to read one of her animal books). I enjoy reading and pondering while my Mistress putters nearby.  Today, Maudie decided to putter elsewhere in the sewing room after I settled, so I sulked a bit before resettling on the sill !

Maudie loves to chat and describe all the intricate details of her day, as if I did not already know. I don't think there is a thought she can think without me already knowing. I have been here for years and follow her every move! She calls me all kinds of names, and I love her for it; but sometimes I suspect that she is losing it!!

When we first met she called me Faydra, and her daughter made a face when she heard it, so officially she named me Pushkins and wrote it on the medical information sheet at the doctor's office. Mostly, though; she calls me Sweetie or Beautiful or Lovie, or Monkey. Today as she was in such a rush to wrap gifts for the grandchildren, she called me Pumpkin; so I was surprised when she pulled me off the sill, called me over to her desk and gave me an early present...

The Yuletide rush is my favorite time of year because often I find tads of fascinating paper or ribbon or squashed up balls of fabric to play with and no-one seems to mind. Today, Maudie put a special big orange box in the corner beside her desk just for me and gently placed me inside of it with some woodsy smelling paper to hide under. What a thoughtful gift! I am in my element!

Maudie finally settled down at the table to have her tea and I am going to purr and purr for her. She loves it when I do. This is my gift to Maudie; my constant affection and support, and I never rush my purring. The whole world can be rolling around the heavens, and the stars in the very sky can twinkle with all of their distracting lights, but because I love Maudie so, I just purr for her with my deepest affections at my constant low decibel with fervor and consistency; and inside I feel as happy as a clam.

When she finally takes that moment to stroke my nose; I forgive Maudie for everything, (even for putting that pink leash around my neck when we went out, forgetting my name, and pulling me off my sunny window sill). Once she reaches down and gives me that gentle pat just to say she loves me, I can forgive anything. Maudie trusts me to do this. Trust and forgiveness are our reward for being best friends and always being here for each other.

There is no better feeling than sitting together at tea time; just Maudie and Me.

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  1. Well hello Pushkins! Nice to meet you and Maudie - can't wait to follow your adventures!