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Monday, January 6, 2014

Steeping in the Garden

A precocious and well read Cat am I, and Mistress's favorite in all the world, I have decided to blog when I am feeling nostalgic to fill in those wee hours when it is difficult to stay asleep. After all, I am nocturnal but living with Maudie; I do tend to have my days turned in to days.

You are invited to share some of my random thoughts here, and get a glimpse of my world , if you will.

It is January again, and a new year!  Same old garden filled with leaves waiting to sprout with Jonquils and Tulips. Certainly not Butchart Gardens by any means! My Mistress is already outside clipping mint and chives for tea time.She has busied herself planting extra seeds inside in her plant pots and watering the bulbs outside on the balcony. We are awaiting our neighbor, Mrs. Brown's arrival. She is coming by for tea.. I can see that Mistress is as eager as I am to be outside more; to see the butterflies come back to our garden, and to have our parties out here.

 The squirrels are busily chattering and playing tag along the fir branches above and beside us.
For a moment, I think I  listen in to their conversation...Oh!  The Mother Squirrel,Mrs. Celeste Squirrel, is a friend of mine; and she is going to have another baby soon. Kiggy and Dickie, her children, are being naughty by being very noisy as they play tag  between the firs while Celeste is trying to nap. When she stuck her head out of the Knot Hole in her door Celeste sounded like she was quite upset. Kiggie did not seem to mind or even notice her scolding but Dickie skipped a little farther away across our garden, to take their noisy giggles a bit farther from  her doorway.

It seems like their energy never ends!  Across the branches and up and down the trees the young squirrels scamper with such abandon in the sunshine that I often wonder how they manage to jump from tree to tree with such accuracy overhead. Practice makes perfect; I would say.

We have the bevy of crows visiting for a few moments; thank goodness not for long though! They love to visit and share news with their cousins across the meadow. Perhaps, our Crows are discussing the new tenant in Our Square Mile; a young and precocious Eagle circling high overhead. This fellow is also very accurate, I have noticed. I have watched him as my Mistress and I have surveyed his fight and landing patterns for months from our window. He is not  one of my favorite neighbors. Celeste is worried about him also.

Celeste and I often conversed about the Eagle's Father, who scours the Oak Bay district just below our meadow. We recently invited the Raccoon family  to our meetings. Last Autumn when Celeste mentioned how the Eagle fledgling had been sighted in our meadow we all agreed upon an action plan. Later this afternoon Celeste and our Crows and Raccoons and I  are convening to put OUR plan into action and to upset this fledgling's plans to become a permanent resident in our Meadow. They seemed excited. I hope they come back with good news after tea. Celeste seems tired or distracted today.When she does get  about, she is totally occupied with the nursery for her new baby. Little Kiggie and Dickie tend to venture across the fence and out of sight, more and more without her constant surveillance. Time is of the essence!

Now here comes Mistress with her gardening gloves and spade, and I must attend the greenhouse with her before Tea time. Then, if our neighbor is late, I  will warm this spot on the fence until I greet our neighbor at the gate. Old Mrs. Brown will be piking along soon looking for me as she whistles up the lane. Perhaps she will bring me an egg for tea. On these cool winter afternoons a little egg is always nice at Tea Time. Old Mrs. Brown likes her eggs with Mistress's fresh scones and chives.

Mrs. Brown will have lots of news to share as we go inside for Tea. She may already have news of the fledgling's removal.

As I  ponder Our Raccoon's courage, their schedule today, and our neighborhood  plan; I feel my body begin to relax. It is a wonderful feeling to have good neighbors.  I think that being part of a community and being able to contribute feels satisfying.  Something inside my body responds and says, "Yes; this is how I ought to feel". Then I begin to purr as I watch Mistress finish up her chores in our gardenqw.

Same old garden filled with leaves in winter seems to remind me of the tea leaves that will soon be steeping in Mistress's Tea Pot. The very thought of sharing the winter with Mistress, over many Tea Times with friends, is warming my heart !