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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nuisance named Nahlah

This Spring my Mistress, Maudie, made it Holy Hell living in our house! Maudie brought a kitten home to live with us. It is a purely disgusting black female kitten. I am contemplating the consequences as I write.

It has been a month now that I have had to put up with this annoyance. At first Maudie told me the kitten was Malcolm and Desmond's ( Her grandsons's kitten, and I love all of Maudie's grandkids, so I ignored the situation).  Maudie explained  to me that  the Barry family was away for a week end and she had offered to babysit their new young kitten.

 I slept that week end, praying that it would soon be over.

They left the kitten here for over  a week before they came to take her back. ( The insolence of  young people, today!)  My growling and hissing did not seem to offer any clue to Mistress that this nuisance was not to be tolerated.  Nahlah, so they call her, tested my patience within a hair's breadth of killing her. Fortunately, Maudie put her in the extra bedroom at night for 12 hours. This 12 hours diminished to 7 hours within a few days. The kitten realized that her meowing opened the door (as early in the morning as 4:00 a.m.).

What a relief  I felt that day she went home. We all slept that night. I was  even too tired to Blog, and had dreams of enjoying my world again. It was just a dream though...

May 23d was the Saturday that Maudie brought Nahlah back here for good. I was mortified.This small black 12 week old terror was here to stay. The Barry's told Maudie that they could not sleep in the mornings with the kitten meowing and waking first Malcolm and then all of them up every morning. Zaina said she was going to give the kitten away. Maudie just couldn't bare the thought of losing what she now thought of as her "grand kitten".

There was no pleading with Maudie. Once she set her heart on something, that was it! She decided to adopt her illegitimate grand kitten.

Nahlah, thank Gawwd! has her own room. Throughout the last days of May and the whole month of June I practiced Yoga and Meditated.  I think I may have to stay in  my Zen Zone forever, now that this small Kamikaze fur ball lives in our house. The kitten possibly thinks that I am her pet, as she comes barreling toward me every waking hour from new angles; teasing me even as I sleep. She is too fast for this pussy cat; I give up!

 Spring turned into summer a few days ago, so I am practicing hiding out in some of my secret places in the garden. The torrid heat of summer diminishes in the shade under the brambles during the day. Maudie finds that  her grand kitten , which she now calls "Baby" likes to stick close to her, so this gives me some relief, if I hide until evening when we are fed, and Nahlah is put to bed in her room.

With some regret, I am learning to enjoy my time in the garden without Maudie's company  ( or Nahlah's). Mrs. Celeste Squirrel chats with me often when she has her babies down for their naps. There is a fascinating new cloud of orange butterflies weaving spiral flight paths above the brambles in enticingly close sweeps. The racoons  saunter  by for a chat each day too, now that the eagles have left; so I always receive news of the neighborhood from one of them. The sad thing is that Maudie doesn't seem to miss me during the day as she is so busy keeping the kitten out of trouble.

However, there is always my breakfast and dinner served on time, and Maudie never fails to call me when The Nuisance is put to bed. That is when it is cooler anyway, and I love my cuddles and hugs best in the evenings.
I must say though, that I have had many chuckles when I see The Little Nuisance take a running dive for a leather stool and slide right off the other side, or take a flying leap straight into the open toilet thinking that the lid was down.  At least life is not dull here at my house with  Maudie and her interests.

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